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Linda Conrad

About Me

Born and raised in New York City – refined and retired in the DMV, (Washington, DC, Virginia, area), at 57 years old, I am a success!  As a single parent, I managed to go from soldier in the United States Army to Social Worker to Information Technology Manager and earn a six-figure income.  That might sound impressive, but I deferred my dream of becoming an actor. 

I knew what I wanted to be since I was nine, however, I was searching for a career instead of following my dream. In more precise words, I was born with gifts that I ignored!  My dad was killed when I was nine leaving my Mom a single parent with six children and no income. We moved to the projects.   I was encouraged to “go to school and get a job to pay bills”.

Well, I did, and my bills are paid so I am dusting off that deferred dream and starting a second career.  My passion for Acting/Modeling burned with tremendous enthusiasm and vitality all my life and age can’t take that away. 

I have a desire to help people and the experience to prevent people from making the mistakes I made.  The biggest mistake I made was trying to lead instead of letting God lead.  Don't get me wrong, I am a Christian and I know who rules, but I didn't surrender all.  I was on a mission, determined to overcome and I did, but I get a second chance and this time being lead by the spirit without fear.  I have designed this simple website to put myself out to the world.


I am the founder of ArtEmpathy, an online where we can journey together, a blog where you can find information that you need, no matter how old you are, to start your acting career.  Blog with me and we will journey down the path of becoming an actor together.  I will share resources and provide you with inspiration and motivation.  I am asking you to know that I am there for you.  Tell me about your dreams, your auditions, your successes and your failures.  I won't judge you!  But I will be thee for you to reach out to. 


I will share auditions, resources, tips, products and the experience of getting out there an hitting the pavement to find auditions/gigs.  Now, it’s time to authenticate, investigate, create, meditate, and evaluate a second career! A career that I would jump out of bed in the morning to do and even if I didn’t get paid, I would show up with a bright smile and fire in my eyes.  That is becoming an Actor/Model and Entrepreneur!

So far, I landed several jobs as an actress, including roles in “Something the Lord Made,” where I played May, “As the World Turns,” where I was a Doctor and “Slavery and the Making of America,” where I played Francis Driggus.

Will you journey with me?

Check out my blog, express yourself in my blog (Click Here).  Tell me your story and I will tell you mine as I take classes, audition and land roles.  Browse at my “shop” find a T-Shirt you like.  If you don’t see one, contact me and let’s see what we can do to get you one that you can wear to express yourself! 

Here you don’t have to worry because we know what it is like to have the Actor’s bug.  No Judgement here!  Let’s get great together!  We have a destiny to fulfill!

Linda Conrad

We are here to find and recommend the best information and the best products for people that want to be actors all in one place.

Copyright 2020 Linda Conrad.  All rights reserved.

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