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Acting Lessons

Understanding Acting Lessons: How to Start An Acting Career the RIGHT Way!

Here at ArtEmpathy, we believe that it is important to build a strong foundation from which to grow your career as a performer. Let's take a look at how the best acting classes near me can give you essential guidance on how to start an acting career.


Signing up for the right acting lessons can help to teach you a variety of things. While some successful actors have bypassed acting classes, they did so as an exception rather than the rule. Much like learning an instrument, acting lessons can provide you with the tools that you need to sharpen your natural skills and talents. Although books are an excellent way to improve your craft,, they can only go so far when you’re practicing on your own.

What do acting lessons look like? Acting classes can vary both in size and intimacy. While some newcomers to the acting industry will prefer one-on-one lessons with an individual teacher, others would prefer working in a larger auditorium with an entire class of students..

If you feel you’ll learn acting best in a somewhat traditional educational environment, there are a couple good options to be found in the DMV area. Chief among them are The Theatre Lab and the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, both well-respected schools with a history of really improving the craft of their students. If you prefer a more individualized, personal approach, there are plenty of options. You might first consider Maddie Tarbox and Dina Thomas, both of whom have been in business for at least a decade and are well-loved by their students.

From useful resources to audition tips and integral products for success, ArtEmpathy can be your one-stop-shop for everything you need when becoming an actor. Subscribe to the ArtEmpathy blog today to keep abreast of ways to evaluate acting lessons, acting classes near me, and other useful acting resources! We would be proud to help guide you on your journey as a performer!

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