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Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts

Which Actor Has Been in the Most Movies?

Landing a role in Hollywood can be an almost impossible task for many. Yet, how many times have we seen actors with IMDB pages the length of small novels? Some actors are prolific in their ability to find and land work. How do some actors get so much work? To answer that question, we should ask ourselves another one: which actor has been in the most movies?

This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer. Guinness World Records names John Wayne as the actor with the most lead roles, at 142. However, even Wayne’s total number of roles pale in comparison to others. John Carradine appeared in about 352 films going back to the 1920s all the way up until his death in the 1980s. The classic comedian Oliver Hardy has 417 film credits to his name. If we’re looking at actors who do their own stunts, Jackie Chan comes in with an impressive 221 credits.

Films are, of course, made outside of the US, and sometimes in greater numbers. India’s film industry reached a record number of movies made in 1990- 948 films total! Adoor Bhasi, a Bollywood star, was in 549 roles before his death. Removing all limitations, though, the crown would go to Mel Blanc, who has a whopping 876 credits as an actor! While most famous for voicing the original Looney Tunes characters, Blanc played hundreds of characters with his incredibly adaptable voice. Mel Blanc is probably the best answer to the question “what actor has been in the most movies?”

So outside of learning some neat trivia, what does all this tell us? First, the most frequently working actors aren’t always stars. Just because your name isn’t well known doesn’t mean that you can’t make a good living as a screen actor. Second, the world needs all types of actors. There is always room for new heroes like Wayne, character actors like Carradine, comedians like Hardy, and voice actors like Blanc. If you don’t fit into one niche, try another! By opening yourself up to unusual opportunities, you’ll find yourself working more often.

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