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How to Become a Better Actor

Preparing As An Actor: From Stage Tryouts to Hollywood Movie Auditions

Have you ever wanted to know how to be a movie star? If you grew up watching television or heading to the movies, you likely fell in love with  the magic of the movies at a young age. Whether you idolized Harrison Ford, Jodie Foster, Chris Evans, or Jennifer Lawrence, you knew you wanted to be a star. 

This doesn’t just have to be a dream. If you have the right knowledge and put in tons of hard work, you can become a successful actor. Here at ArtEmpathy, we believe in empowering performers with the tools that they need to find success at their Hollywood movie auditions. Let's see how that takes shape!

First and foremost, if you want to learn how to be a movie star then you had better be prepared to develop a strong, responsive recall. After all, how many times have you asked yourself, "How do actors remember their lines?" When you are a leading actor, you might need to memorize hundreds of pages of lines! Even background actors with no lines are expected to jump to attention and follow precise directions without mistake or delay- sometimes directions that they heard hours ago.

So, how DO actors remember their lines? There are a variety of ways to tackle your lines, though they all require focus and determination. If you want to ace your Hollywood movie auditions, you had better never drop a line. The easiest way to do this is by familiarizing yourself with the text. Your goal is to get 'off-book' with your sides so that you can focus on completely immersing yourself in the scene. If you’re having trouble, consider some products that can help you build a stronger memory

Classes are also an integral part of becoming a better actor, and you should always keep your greatest strengths and weaknesses in mind when choosing them. If you are a comedic performer with serious chops, consider taking improv classes so that you can nail your Hollywood movie auditions. If you are struggling with dramatic and emotional sequences, taking an Intro to Acting can help you learn the basics of your craft. 

If you want to improve your success rate at auditions, consider taking a Monologue Acting Class. Monologue classes are great for learning how to approach auditions, monologues, and all of the moments in between. When you can audition like a pro, you greatly increase your chances of landing the part!

If you are ready to learn how to become a better actor, make sure that you follow ActEmpathy today. Our content, resources, and featured products are a valuable asset to any up-and-coming actor!

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