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How to Find an Agent For Acting

Beginner Acting Tips: How to Find an Agent For Acting!

At ArtEmpathy, we understand that there are many roads to success in the acting world, so we do our best to provide you with directions toward the path of least resistance. Becoming a working actor depends a lot on your ability to make a connection with influential people and prove yourself as a hardworking and humble performer. For those just starting out, it takes a combination of acting chops and networking skills to land those first few big jobs.

While you hone your skills, perhaps with the help of some books, [HYPERLINK TO BOOKS IN ACTOR SHOP] you should always be working on making connections with agencies and casting services. It never hurts to try the direct approach at first. You will want to reach out to all the reliable agencies with headshots, resumes, and any acting reels available. You can do this through digital packaging or letters mailed directly to the talent agency. Don’t just try the biggest ones like CAA or WME. Try local up-and-comers as well.

After contacting a talent agency, you might be brought in for a face-to-face meeting. These meetings are typically the final hurdle before you are signed to an agent. For these meetings, dress presentably and bring your resume/headshots/CV. Have a couple of monologues prepared, and most of all be ready to show your personality and your industry connections. Landing an agent will ultimately be critical to your success, whether you’re looking for “commercial auditions near me” or trying to be in Hollywood’s next hit show.

Whether you land a talent agency or not is ultimately out of your control, and chances are that it won’t happen quickly. That’s okay. All that you can do is prepare, do your best, and smile throughout. If you don't land a talent agent at first, continue to submit while combing casting websites for roles to audition for on your own. Patience is a virtue here! The path to success is long and narrow yet hard work pays off!

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