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Voice Acting Jobs Near Me

Voice Acting Agencies 101: How to Become a Voice Actor Today!

Many people think they’re ready to become a voice actor because they have a good reading voice, a funny impression, or like acting out but don’t want to commit to long days of filming. The truth is, though, is that voice acting takes virtually all of the same skills and tribulations as stage or screen acting. Becoming a voice actor will take a lot of dedication and hard work, but with the help of Art Empathy, you can make it!

Beginning your journey toward voice acting stardom should include a trip to a voice acting coach or class. Voice acting will have stringent requirements that are separate from traditional acting, including how you take care of your voice as well as the methods you undertake to strengthen it. 

There are many options out there, the best of which may only be available seasonally. In the DMV area, many people are happy to take classes with Such A Voice. In Los Angeles, respected voice actors like Bob Bergen and Scott Parkin share their experiences with classes for local talent. These classes can be costly, but when you work with professionals like these, you’ll get invaluable advice and experience.

In addition to these components, voice acting will also require you to set up your home recording studio to stay competitive with the rest of the industry. Many jobs will require you to record, or at least audition from home. Fortunately, it has never been more affordable to set up your home recording booth. With little more than a nice USB microphone and a pre-amp,, you can turn your closet into a high-quality recording booth.

After you've established your studio and began your voice lessons, you are ready to start putting together your demo reel. Demo reels are vital to success in the voice acting world. In fact, if you want to learn how to find an acting agent at one of the top voice acting agencies, you are going to need a killer reel. The best voice acting reels will follow industry standards to showcase your range. This means that you will want to exhibit commercial voices, character voices, foreign languages, and even your strongest reading voice. You never know what a project may require for you to find success!

Finally, you must understand that voice acting is a long journey rather than a sprint. The rejections that you experience today should motivate you to celebrate the successes you enjoy later on in your career! Whether you are trying to learn how to audition for a movie or find the best voice acting jobs near me, you’ll benefit from the ability to pick yourself up and try, try again- until you succeed!

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